๐ŸŒ™ Operating Dark / Ghost / Virtual Kitchens


The ecoeats Orders app provides dark kitchen functionality.

Select the 'Manage Brands' entry in the settings page to start managing multiple brands on the same tablet.

Video Demo

Brand Switcher

The brand switcher can be accessed from the settings screen. You can select at a minimum one brand to manage at once.



The orders overview shows the brands associated with each order next to the order number. Changing whether the tablet is 'Busy' or not will affect all currently selected brands.

Individual Orders

Selecting an individual order shows the details for that order. The brand associated with the order is shown at the top of the order page.


Some settings apply to the entire tablet, others to just the currently focussed brand.

Pickup Settings

Pickup settings can be different on a per-brand basis. For example, one brand may support collection orders whilst another may not.


Every brand will have a unique menu, so each brand can be switched between on the menu page.


Receipts are printed showing the brand that the order came from.