Google My Business Listing

You can boost your online order conversion rate by directly linking to ecoeats via your Google My Business Listing.

How does it look on Google?

Here is our business page and how it shows on Google. You will have a similar one for your restaurant. If not, claim it through the Google Business Console.

Adding ecoeats to My Business Listing

1. Click on Info in your My Business console

2. Scroll until you see the 'Menu' entry on the right hand side

3. Add your ecoeats link to both fields

You can find your ecoeats link by going to the ecoeats website and entering the postcode of your store.

Click on the restaurant you own.

Copy the link shown in the URL bar into the fields in your my business console.

๐Ÿ™Œ That's it! Your ecoeats link will now show when people search for your restaurant.