📊 Partner Dashboard

You can manage orders, update your menu and view financial reports on your partner dashboard.

Access Your Dashboard

Navigate to


Logging In

You can log in to your dashboard using your

partner email

. When you join ecoeats, we'll associate your business or personal email address with your restaurant. If you've never logged in to the dashboard before, you'll need to click "Forgotten your password" to set a password for your account.

Resetting Your Password


Changing Pickup Settings via the Merchant Partner Portal

Once logged in, simply navigate to the 'Pickup Settings' page by clicking the cog icon on the lefthand pane.  On this page, you can toggle fulfilment methods on and off. 

Our menu editor, accessed by clicking the coffee cup icon in the lefthand pane, will allow you to toggle the availability of specific items for certain fulfilment methods.

How do I create a Partner Dashboard account for another employee?

It is not currently possible for partners to set up another Partner Portal account.


If this is important to how you operate, please contact


for assistance.

How do I change the admin email address for the Partner Dashboard?

To change the admin email address, the registered owner should contact


using the current admin email address.Only the registered owner, contacting us via the current admin email address, can make this request.

How do I access my online partner account?



and log in using your admin email address.


The first time you access the Partner Dashboard, you will need to click 'reset password' and follow the instructions before you can log in.

Changing menu availability times for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

You can restrict the availbility of a certain menu category to a specific time and day combination.  

Navigate to your menu editor. This is the Coffee Cup icon on the left hand side of your Partner Dashboard.

Click on 'Edit Times'. This will open a window where you have the option of making the category always visible, or adding specific times.

Add some times. Restrict your category to only be served at lunch on Thursdays, brunch on Tuesdays or any other combination you need.


How do I update my Menu?

You can change your menus directly from the Partner Dashboard (


) by navigating to the 'Menus' tab. Simply click the coffee cup icon in the lefthand pane.Our Support Specialists are also happy to help with menu changes. If you need any additional help with curating your menu, email



Adding a New Item

To add a new item to the menu first navigate to the Menus  tab on the left of the partner dashboard.

Then find the category that you would like to add the item to and click the button at the top of the category. (Note: If you need a new category added then get in touch with our support staff who will be happy to help)

This will take you to the add item page below.

Then fill in the basic information for the item. To add a header image click the   button, to remove it click the adjacent button.


After you have filled out all the details for the item move on to filling out the order details.

If an Item is exclusively for in-store customers, like for Table Service, then you can filter out other methods of fulfillment via the Unavailable For selector.

Next, add any modifier groups which may apply to items by clicking on the   button at the top of the modifiers table. Opening the popup below.

You can then search for modifier groups using the search bar at the top of the modal. If you need to create a new modifier group then you can do so after the item has been created, as explained at the end of the article.


To add an item click the button, or to remove it click the button. To view the options for the given modifier group you can click the button to the left of the row to expand it, and to collapse it. Once you are happy with the modifier groups click the button which will add them to the item, as seen below.

If you wish to change the order of the modifiers you can do so using the and buttons. To change your mind, and remove a modifier group use the button.


Finally, ‘Publish once Approved?’ indicates whether you would like the item to ‘go live’ to customers as soon as it has been approved by a member of our team. If you uncheck this you will have to go into the menu and change the availability to ‘Available’ when you want to offer the item.


Once you're happy with your item, click .


You will then be taken back to the main menu page where you can see your item with the ‘Awaiting Approval’ Tag. Once our team have approved the item the tag will be removed.


To make changes to the item, including adding new modifier groups, click the Edit button for the item in the table.


Accepting Orders via the Merchant Partner Portal

You can now use your ecoeats Partner Dashboard to accept orders without a tablet. 


Getting Started

Make sure your device's volume is set to at least 50% and that your screen stays on. You can let it go dim, but it is important to always ensure you can see the screen to be notified of new orders.

Open up the Partner Dashboard on a device, like a tablet or phone. 

Navigate to the Live Orders tab from the menu on the left. Here you can see all the orders you currently have, along with the ability to mark your store as Busy or Quiet.

When you're ready to start accepting orders, press the green button

You're ready to go! Customers will now begin to place orders, which means you'll have to either accept or reject them.

Once you've accepted the order, it will show up in your order list with an estimated prep time. An ecorider will arrive to collect the order as close to that estimate as possible.

Clicking on an order will show you the items requested, customer information and rider details if available. 

If an order is ready far in advance of the estimated pickup time, you can mark it as ready. This means that we'll try and send a rider to you sooner. 

If you need more time to prepare an order, press the Delay Pickup button. If there isn't a rider already on the way, we'll delay sending one.

Need Help?

You can always contact the ecoeats Partner Support team via



View Live Orders via the Merchant Partner Portal

You can view Live Orders from a device of your choice when logged in to the Partner Dashboard (


).Once logged in to the Partner Dashboard, simply navigate to the 'Live Orders' page by clicking the flashing light icon in the lefthand pane.