Once your tablet has been marked as online and your restaurant is showing as open to customers, you will start receiving new orders. Having trouble with that? Check

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Accepting (or Rejecting) Orders

When you receive a new order, it will show in the homepage of your tablet. If the tablet app happens to be closed, a notification will arrive repeatedly to show you that an order is waiting. Press the green accept button if you can fulfill the order. In the rare case that you cannot fulfill the order, you can reject it.

If you've enabled

๐ŸงพPrinting Receipts

, then a receipt will print when you accept your order. Press the print button to print additional receipts.

โš ๏ธ

You have 10 minutes from the time an order is placed to accept it before the order will be rejected automatically and your restaurant will be hidden from the app. If this happens, contact partner support.

Delay Orders

If the provided pickup time is too soon for your kitchen to manage, press the Help icon in the top right and Delay pickup.

Mark Orders Ready

If the food is ready, let us know by pressing the 'Ready for Pickup' button. We'll get a delivery rider to you as soon as we can. If you try to mark an order ready too soon after accepting it, we won't send a rider any faster that we initially promised.

Track Rider Arrivals

When a rider arrives to collect the order, the tablet will make a noise. Always confirm with the rider that you both have the correct order number to hand over.

Before the rider arrives, you can view their progress as they head towards your restaurant by tapping the 'Map' icon. The map icon will only appear once we have assigned a rider to your order, and will not appear for customer collection orders.