🍱 Reusables

Completely eliminate single-use packaging from your restaurant


We talk a lot about how

amazing ecoeats is for the environment


but how are we going to make that even better?

The UK takeaway industry throws away almost 10 billion pieces of single-use packaging a year, with much of that ending up in landfills and in the oceans. There's just no need for it - which is why ecoeats is pioneering the reusable takeaway container revolution 🤘

What is Reuse?

In a nutshell, we provide your restaurant with reusable containers for roughly the same price you currently pay for single use packaging. When an order comes in from a customer who wants reusable containers, put their food in an ecoeats branded reusable container and hand it to the delivery rider. We'll deliver reusable containers to you in regular




Restaurants using ecoeats Reuse see a significantly higher order volume than those who don't.


How much does it cost?

You can purchase a use of one of our reusable ecoboxes at a price comparable to single use plastic containers.

Is it safe?

  • ecoeats professionally cleanses the reusables according to its health and safety protocol which was drawn up by award winning health and safety advisor Jessy Gomes of University College London.

  • Containers are cleansed according to manufacturer instructions with detergent at high temperature and pressure in a commercial dishwasher maintained by the University of St Andrews.

  • The reusables chosen meet all local regulatory standards and have been tested rigorously. They are NSF International certified; NSF International is an independent public-health organization that certifies equipment used by restaurants.

  • ecoeats operates cleansing out of an environment that is certified compliant with food safety legislation.

  • Do I have do deliver everything in Reusables?

    No! You can set a subset of your items to be delivered in Reusable containers. Your tablet will show your kitchen staff exactly which items should go in Reusable containers and which should not. More instructions on this can found in



    How do customers use it?

    Customers enable Reuse in their basket, after adding items from your restaurant.

    How do Reusables orders look in my tablet?

    Reusables orders are distinguished from regular orders with bold warnings to show which containers to use for a specific item. Customers would be understandably frustrated if their reusables order contained single use plastics except where completely necessary, so please take care to always use reusables when the app instructs you to do so!

    Reusable Boxes Deep-Dive

  • Each reusable can be used over 1000 times providing the potential to eliminate carbon emissions from over 1000 manufacturing processes.

  • Made of high quality food-grade polypropylene 

  • Once retired, the containers are recycled by 


     who turn them into high quality food-grade recycled polypropylene.

  • They are substantive, rigid, light weight and feel much more premium than single use packaging.

  • NSF International certified; NSF International is an independent public-health organization that certifies equipment used by restaurants.

  • A variety of types and sizes are on offer which will increase over time. At initial launch there will be:

  • One for larger food items: rectangle, 22 cm x 14.5 cm, 6.4 cm, 1L

  • One for liquids such as soups and small food items: cylindrical, 10 cm diameter, 8.3 cm height, 473ml

  • One for smaller food items: square, 11 cm x 11 cm, 8 cm, 500ml

  • Is reusable packaging the future?

    Yes. Our research suggests the transition is inevitable.

    Scientific life cycle analyses have been conducted showing reusables and circular packaging processes provide up to 100x reduction in life cycle carbon emissions vs recycling which, whilst better than landfill, still often results in carbon intensive transportation and processing.

    Governments are taking action. The German government recently introducing 


     which will mandate restaurant, cafe and takeaway owners serving takeaway to offer a reusable packaging option. We believe it is only a matter of time before your local government follows suit.

    Litter and waste leaking into our environment can only be solved by switching to reusables.